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How to Build Your Own Online Store and Save Money


I'll show you how you can setup and make your own online store, but first a little about my background as a Web Host Provider since 2001. When I, Mark Errington, was in college at CWU in Ellensburg, WA, from 1996 to 2000 (age 38-42). I met a computer science guy. He showed me how to setup and make websites using Microsoft Front Page. My first website was After graduating in 2000. I got a job at KVAL Ch 13 in Eugene, OR, and started work there in July 2000. In 2001, I started Eugene Hosting ( and still have it today, but I'm not taking on any clients. I started out with a small Reseller account, then when I got more customers, I got a larger Reseller account. About 2003, I rented a server out of Dallas, TX, for about $150.00/mo. Over time my customers left and I with back to just a Reseller account. It was just a hobby for me to learn about being a web host provider. I didn't care that much anymore. Besides that, it took up a lot of my time. Now I have only one customer that has been with me over the years. At one point, I had about 100 customers.

As of today, I have 55 domains of my own, and about 60 websites of my own. Most of them are using Joomla. I paid about $36/mo for a reseller account and I paid about $10/yr per domain.

Most or ALL web host providers are renting servers, most likely even!

Did you know that started their business in March 1999? This was a few years after the internet was just getting so popular.

Some Online E-commerce (Shop Carts) to avoid:
: Business Unlimited : $27.00/mo : Basic Shopify : $29.00/mo : $35.00/mo (3dcart) : $29.00/mo

These are just a few but AVOID ALL of them and SAVE MONEY!

Please remember, a lot of these type of sites above are targeting on people who DON'T KNOW how to build their own online shop cart! Below I will show you how.


Let's get you your Domain and save money:
Setup an account with OnlineNIC:
If you signed up with OnlineNIC with the Bronze plan you can save $10 per year per domain ( .com ). Over time you will jump to the next plan saving you money. I started out with the Bronze plan and over time I went up to the Platinum plan.
OnlineNIC Price for PositiveSSL: per year, per domain, SSL Certificate is $9.00/yr. But if you signup with InMotion Hosting below you will get a free SSL (https).
After you add your money to your OnlineNIC account, you will be able to ADD (Buy) a domain or Transfer (Move) your domain from into your account.
If you need help. The Support staff can help you with the Transfer from,,,, etc. to your account.

If you're using and your .com domain is about $19.99 a year. With OnlineNIC, you will save $10 or more a year.

I have been with since 2003.




Sign up with InMotion Hosting because their servers use a SSD (Solid State Disk) compare to the older servers that use a hard drive disk. SSD servers are faster than the older servers.

InMotion Hosting:

Select: Shared Hosting -> Compare Plans
Pick one of the Launch Plans. A 3 year plan would be the best. This is a good plan for any shop cart.
At checkout: Remove "+ Backup Manager". You don't need it because you will install a free backup manager below; Akeeba Backup.
Don't add-on any extras like: Google WorkspaceDedicated IP at check out. Just your hosting plan. 




As for your online Payment Processor you can sign up with Paypal:



Now should you pick Wordpress or Joomla?
A lot of people like Wordpress and a lot of people like Joomla.
Right now, Joomla is getting a transformation from version 3.x to 4.x and now to 5.x.x.
I would prefer you getting Joomla because it's easier to work with than Wordpress. I know because I used both of them. Hackers got into my Wordpress easier than Joomla.

You can download Joomla below. After your site is up and running then see if the plugins are compatible with v3, v4, or v5. Don't update to version 4.x for about a year or so. Not everyone is updating their Joomla plugins right away. I would start with Joomla v3.10.x for now and set up your Shop Cart.

Select the download link below:


SHOP CART ADDON for Joomla (free)

For your Shop Cart there are many out there for free for both Wordpress and Joomla.
I use Joomla and a free shop cart I found is Phoca cart:

How To Remove "Powered By Phoca Cart" in Footer:



Phoca Templates

DO NOT download the ones that have (Joomla! 2.5) under them.

See the demo site here:



For your Backup Manager, download the free version of Akeeba Backup for Joomla 3 or Joomla 4!
Or you can install it through your Joomla: Extensions -> Manage -> Install -> Install from Web



How to Make Your Own Online Store and Save Money
How to Create Build Your Own Online Store and Save Money
How to Start Your Own Online Store and Save Money

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