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My School Days


I wish that I wasn''t so shy in school because I missed out on dating pretty girls from my school. And there was many to choose from! I did like many girls at my school, just off hand; Debra Graham, Bunni Jauregui, Penny Tippetts, Dawn Marie Green, Darlene Inscho, Nancy Heinrich, and Jeanine Erskine. I had bad ache, so maybe I though that I was to ugly and that nobody would date me. I did go out for track and came in second in the 110 yard dash. My time was 11.4 seconds. I remember on or about my last day at school, our mascot, I think her name was Karen Tippetts, say something to me and I just remembered that''s it, no more school for me. So that was it. I dropped out and my mom didn''t make me go back to school.


I got picked on a lot from 6th grade to 12th grade. In the 6th grade at Ulysses S Grant Elem School: I remember that I was held down and sand was put in my ear. Nothing happened to the students who did this to me. I also remember that Phil Catlett slapped me. And when my Mom came down to school to give me something I told her what happened. My Mom and I went over to Phil''s class to talk to Phil. Phil came out and talked to my Mom and my Mom ended up slapping Phil right in front of his classmates. In Hamilton Junior High School I got picked on by James Renwick, Rod Stratton, and Pete Vallett. One day in class, I remember Rod came behind me and put a jock strap over my head and right away I threw it in front of the class. The teacher looked at me and I said "I''m not going to get it!" and then he looked at Rod and I think someone came and picked it up. One day next to my locker for some reason Phil Catlett hit me in the mouth. I also remember that I almost blacked out. One day in shop class, in the 8th or 9th grade, Rod was picking on me so bad that I tried to hit him. Well I missed. So Rod hit me in the mouth during shop class. I went up to the teacher and while I was waiting my turn to talk to him Rod was asking me many times not to tell on him. So after a while I ended up not telling on Rod and from that day on Rod never picked on me again. But Pete still picked on me all the way thru High School. Pete would walk behind me and kick under my feet each time I would walk. James would just call me names because I have small ears. I think the same year I was out of Jordan High School I saw a friend that I went to school with, Steve Moore, at our local market store. He said that Rod shot himself in a bedroom over the break up with his girlfriend  (Jan 26, 1980).


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