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Know Facts:

the earth is over 4.8 billion years old.

asteroids hit earth many times a year

any second, a big asteroid, about the size of Venus, can hit earth and destroy everything on it.

about 4 billion years ago earth was hit by an asteroid the size of Venus which knot Earth off its axial. Creating the four seasons (Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall)

earth is the only planet is our galaxy with a magnetic field, saltwater, freshwater, dirt, life and life-form.

earth is changing every year.

there was life on earth millions of years before humans.

humans have been on earth for about 100,000 years. That's 97,000 years before Jesus Christ was born.

Jesus Christ was NOT born on Dec. 25th.

there is No GOD!

every human has DNA found in earth. 

the bible was translated 50 years after it was originally written. some of the translations were translated incorrectly. 

the virgin Mary had a boyfriend but they were not married. At that time if the townspeople knew of a woman that was not married but pregnant, she was stoned to death. This was why the virgin Mary didn't tell anyone who was the father of her son, Jesus Christ, his real father was Mary's boyfriend NOT God. There is no such thing as a "God". People refer to "God" as something that happened that no one could explain.

many people was crucified before and after Jesus Christ

One third of the world's population are Christian faith. (These people are the dumb ones the other two-thirds have to live with)

most people who think they believed in Jesus Christ or God are just using this as a cover up from the bad things they did yesterday and beyond.

hell was created so it would scare people into being good people. it doesn't work for everybody.

at the very time we die, we lose about 2 to 3 pounds.

women are more likely to believe something that is NOT true.

All Jesus Christ wanted was EVERYONE to just get along. Stop fighting! All these years still nobody listed to him. This is why we have wars, killings, etc. These people that kill other people without cause are the dumbest people on this planet! People say one thing but do the opposite. There are so many lairs and thieves in this world its hard to find an honest person.

My View:

I don't believe in any type of religion. Many people use religion for many types of excludes (i.e., Jesus will forgive me, etc.)

I don't believe that there is a God. Things just happen...Good or Bad

We are not born into this world by choice. It's the choice of the women who give birth. If women were so smart, they would STOP giving birth and let the human race end. Until women get smarter; party, have fun, enjoy life, get off your ass and do something, make money on YouTube, stop being so negative, you have the Internet that can help you do whatever you want!

If you believe something will happen, it will happen, as long as you think it will happen. It may not happen now but in the future it will happen some place.

"Praying" for someone or something to happen is the same as "Wishing" for this to happen. Try it! Wish for something to happen and see if it happens. Now, see what happened during this time that you Wish for something to happen. See other things was going on while you were still waiting for your Wish to happen. If you Wished for something that happened then your Wish came true. This is the same thing as Praying. Again, don't believe me? TRY IT!

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