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Mark Errington

Nicest Guy You'll Ever Meet!

King City Civic Association Administrator in 2015

Dear Mr Jim Armour, Mr. J. Patrick Moore, 3/15/2015

I am writing to you to complain about Board of Director, Joe Wilson.

First, I moved into the King City Apartments in December 2014. I will be 57 years old this year, April 12. I look like I am about 10 years younger then I am, so this seems to be a problem at the Club House.

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, about 7:30 pm, Mr Wilson approach me in the meeting room where I've been hitting since about 3:00 pm. I was on my computer using the internet. I came into the Club House through the side door which was locked. Mr. Wilson had an unprofessional attitude and said that I looked like I don't belong here because I look so young. So I was getting very mad and walked to the side door to show this guy that I do have a right to be in this building. I showed Mr Wilson that I have a key to this building by putting the key in the lock and turning it. That was not good enough for this guy, so he asked for my ID and asked where do I live. I also told Mr Wilson that the Admin knows me. He didn't care.

You see the problem is that I am being discriminated against because I don't look like I'm in my 70's or 80's like most of the people in this building.

There are other members that also pick on me as I quietly sit in front of my computer, with headphones on, watching videos, or edit my websites.

Next time if someone ask me for my ID, I'll just have them call the police. I want the police reports for future use.

I think it would be a good idea for ALL the board of directors of King City Civic Association to always get a list of all new members as they are entered into the admin's computer. This way there should not be anymore problems with new members like me being harassed at the Club House, or the Crown Center.

Also, pass around my photo with my info below to each board of directors at the next meeting. I am a nice guy with a local locksmith business. I just don't like being harassed or picked on. I don't fill welcomed here!



Mark Errington
12135 SW Par 4 Drive
King City, OR 97224



To King City Chief, Washington County Sheriff: 4/27/2015

On April 28 at 2:55 am, a King City Police officer saw me coming out of the Club House in King City. He pulled into the parking lot as I was walking from the entrance way of the Club House. I saw him and kept on walking because I had no reason to stop because I do have 24/7 access to the Club House and the Crown Center, so why should I worry about a police officer stopping me but this one did. I told him up front that I'm always being harassed because I don't look my age. I look about 10 years younger then I am. I'm 57 yrs old. We talked for a short time and that was it. The officer was nice and professional but my point is that I don't need to be stopped every time I leave a place that I have access to 24/7, like the Club House and the Crown Center, NOT FOR ANY REASON unless the officer can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that I did indeed commit a crime. Also, at that time, I'm too tired to answer any questions. I mostly go to the Club House for the internet access, many times a week until about 2:00 am to 7:00 am because I don't want to paid for cable or internet at my place. I'm trying to save money. Also, the main reason why I wanted to move to King City is because I thought it would be quieter here.

Why am I writing this letter to you, it's because I'm tried of being harassed, being in, or leaving the Club House, at lease this is how I see it. I wrote a complaint letter to the King City Civic Association about a board of director, Joe Wilson, asking me for my ID even after I showed him that I have access to the Club House. He said that I don't look old enough to be here. At the time, I was in the meeting room, on my computer, on the internet for about 4 hours before Mr. Wilson harassed me. So from this day forward, anytime a police officer stops me while I am coming out of the Club House or the Crown Center, you will find my complaints on

If you want to know anything about me, just check out my personal website:
As you can see I had a hard life. Many jobs, and moved many times. Also, I don't trust a lot of people.

I own a 2005, Hyundai, Elantra, White, License #: 798 BUE

My Oregon Drivers License:



What I would also like to add and this is from the King City Mayor before I moved to King City, OR in 2015 and by my observation.

The Chief of Police Chuck Fessler, at the time, would hire police officers that were not qualify to be police offices. No other city would hire these police officers but the Chief of Police Chuck Fessler in King City.

The King City police officers would hide in areas for a long period of time.
They would hide in back parking lot behind the Avamere Rehabilitation of King City off hwy 99 in King City.
They would park on the Riverwood Heights road by the TV F&R Station 35 off hwy 99 in King City.
They would park, and still do, in the back of the TV F&R Station 35 off hwy 99 in King City.
Most of the time I see the sheriff SUV parking in the back of the TV F&R Station 35 off hwy 99 in King City.
Don't beleave me? Just look in the back of the TV F&R Station 35 parking lot, as you drive by, and you might see a white SUV with lights on the roof.

I was told by the ex-mayor that King City police were giving traffic tickets in the city of Tigard. Meaning that, that money from those tickets was going to the City of Tigard and not King City.

In King City, since 2015, I see many drivers running through STOP signs and I never see a King City police car near by or giving tickets...WHY?




Posted by me about October 2021:

My post on "King City Civic Association" reviews on Google

I have lived in King City since Dec 2014, and have never had a nice experience going to the Club House. There is always someone from the board of directors, administration office, police, or some guy from a club with an attitude problem, or just not nice. Every two years or so someone is going to leave the board of directors, or administration office. I am not sure why Joe Wilson is still there. He's a joke! He is the one that thought I didn't live in King City and harassed me until I showed him my drivers license. All I was doing was using the wifi at the club house to save some money. Back then, I only lived in the King City Apts for a month and now I'm getting harassed! Base on my experience over the past 7 years living here in King City is that I am not welcomed in the Club House because the old people there see me as a young guy and don't want me being there.


The board of directors are just a bunch of wannabes!


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