Mark Errington, King City, Oregon - Security Guard / Store Detective
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Security Guard / Store Detective

At age of 19, I landed a role as a Security Guard, tasked with patrolling various locations on a rotating basis. The job proved captivating as I navigated different environments, always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. One particularly memorable assignment took me to Knudsen in Lucerne, City of Commerce, California, where I gained insight into the ice cream production process. Amidst the vast store rooms, I observed bags of ice cream powder awaiting their transformation. My duties involved traversing the plant with a clock-like device, inserting and turning keys at designated checkpoints to ensure thorough surveillance and accountability.

At the age of 35, I worked as a Store Detective. In my role, I was tasked with observing and addressing incidents of theft. If I witnessed someone stealing, I would discreetly monitor their actions until they exited the store, at which point I would intervene. After apprehending the individual, I would escort them to the back of the store and contact the authorities. Law enforcement would then arrive to take a report and handle the situation, typically resulting in the individual receiving a trespass notice and a fine of approximately $250. This trespass prohibited them from entering the store premises for a period of one year.

Through my experiences, I became aware of the prevalence of internal theft within businesses. On one occasion, I participated in a sting operation alongside my colleagues at a 7-11 store. During the operation, I simulated a purchase by requesting a carton of cigarettes and placing a $20 bill on the counter. Subsequently, I left the store with the cigarettes without waiting for the cashier to complete the transaction. My colleagues closely monitored the cashier's actions to determine whether he would pocket the money or properly register the sale.


Below is my Private Security Guard license and Oregon DPSST Card:










Oregon DPSST











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