Why Are We Here?

Humans have been on this earth for about 1 million years now.

Men like to have sex with women. Women need men to have a child. If women could have a child without a man they would do so.

Women who want to have a family want a man that can support her and her child. Yes, I said it correctly! Her child! After the child is born the women gets more bossy. Remember that the man is making the money, paying the bills, and the women is taking care of the child and should be cleaning the house and making dinner for the man. Women who do housework think they should be paid for this, why? If the women was a single mom and working a job she would have to do all this anyways.

We are here because a woman, your mother, wanted to have a child. Why?

Being born is NOT an option. A woman decides this.

Women thinks its great to have a child but is NOT that smart to think about what will happen to her child some day just like what will happen to her.

Women just make bad decisions.

So women thinking of having a child...think about the child and that someday it will face death. So stop thinking about yourself and what YOU WANT!

Sooner or later we will all face death. Personally, I am not looking forward to it.

The Goal in life is to see how long you can live. That's it!

Between the time you are born to your death...everything in the middle is bullshit and does not really matter!

Some people think that after you die a spirit leaves your body. If so, all male spirits will follow women who are alive. They will go watch women take a shower. The next time you take a shower, male spirits are watching you behind your back and are thinking dirty thoughts! Think about it!

In the mean time have fun and don't break the laws in your state!

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