Here is what you should do after you Drink and before you Drive.

First: Drinking coffee is bullshit! It does nothing to help.
Second: go down to your local AM/PM, 7-11, Plaid Pantry, etc. and buy at lease one hostess cupcake for the driver who was drinking. Have the driver eat the hostess cupcake slowly. This will help to absorb the alcohol in the stomach. Meaning the faster you will get sober. Drive at the speed limit and if someone is in the car don't talk. Just listen to the radio and focus on the driving. This will get you home and everyone will live to see tomorrow.

That's it!

I have done this many times living in West Seattle (Alki Beach), Washington in the 1990's and I NEVER got stopped. I would drive from West Seattle to Enumclaw, Washington to Marlee's Restaurant & Lounge on the weekends.


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