Jan 20, 2021


There are 72,907,672 people who voted for Trump for the 2021 Presidential Election.
There are 78,157,422 people who voted for Biden for the 2021 Presidential Election.
Biden Won, Trump Lost! Trump is a BAD Loser!

Donald Trump; Cheats. Lies, is Dishonest, and a Bully! Anyone who believes him is an idiot!
I see there are 72,907,672 idiots in the United States who voted for Trump.

Donald Trump is the ONLY seating President to have his Tweeter, and Facebook accounts banned from him, or suspended.

Facebook is banning President Donald Trump indefinitely. What a loser!
Twitter permanently suspends President Trump's account. What a loser!

Trump is going to be the worse President in history!

Trump talked about Obama using a teleprompter, and how is was a loser.
So Trump is also using a teleprompter, this means that Trump is a loser.

Turmp is just being Trump. A big bully!




Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump

Trump is also a BAD Golfer!






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