Here are some dumb questions women ask anybody...

Do I look FAT? The answer is always: YES. If you are fat why ask someone? 

Do you think I'm pretty? Why ask someone? You are who you are unless you had plastic surgery then you are not pretty or if you color your hair fluorescent red, fluorescent green, fluorescent blue, etc., then you are not pretty. You just look a little weird and a person with problems. You just want someone to notice you. This is your problem and you need help!

Is my Butt too Big? The answer is always: YES. If your Butt is Big stop asking someone!

Do I look SEXY? No! Unless you walk around the city wearing a sexy outfit and have a nice figure like 36, 24, 36, otherwise, you are out of shape and don't even think about wearing sexy outfits if you are fat! Have you seen a fat person naked?


more coming...




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