The main problem is that women talk to other women about problems in their relationship and try to get advice from other women who are not in the relationship. Why are women getting advice from other women when the other person in the relationship is a man? Women need to get advice from a man, NOT a woman! 
If you don't have a good relationship before you are married, don't get MARRIED!
If you have to work at your relationship, it's not going to be a good relationship!
Most women just talk to much about things they know nothing about only what they hear from other women.
Women seem to be a little bossy at times. A person is not comfortable around someone who is bossy.
In a relatioship, if the wife always tells her husband what to do, the husband is not able to think for himself while his wife is around. If your husband tells you what to do everyday, you are not able to think for yourself while your husband is around.
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