Norwegian Medical Terminology

Artery - The study of paintings
Barium - What you do when CPR fails
Cesarean Section - A district in Rome
Colic - A sheep dog
Coma - A punctuation mark
Congenital - Friendly
Dilate - To live long
Fester - Quicker
G.I. Series - Baseball games between teams of soldiers
Grippe - A suit case
Hangnail - A coat hook
Medical Staff - A doctor's cane
Morbid - A higher offer
Nitrate - Lower than the day rate
Node - Was aware of
Outpatient - A person who has fainted
Post-operative - A letter carrier
Protein - In favor of young People
Secretion - Hiding anything
Serology - Study of English Knighthood
Tablet - A small table
Tumor - An extra pair
Urine - Opposite of you're out
Varicose Veins - Veins which are very close together











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