The Pig Story


There once was a young man with a very fast car who loved to drive on country roads. He thought of himself as a great driver.

He could handle anything.

One day he was out driving his favorite road and coming into his favorite curve, when around the curve came a car careening out of control. And just before it got to him it pulled into its lane. As it passed, a woman yelled out "PIG". Well, he responded in a flash and shot back "COW".

He thought to himself, how dare she call me a name? I was in my lane. She was the one who was all over the place. But he felt rather smug because he got her before she got away.

And so, he put the accelerator to the floor, whipped around the curve, and ran into the pig.

Now, that''s a paradigm story. You see, the young man was responding with the old rules. You call me a name, I''ll call you a name. She was warning him about the pig.


If you have Paradigm Flexibility, what you''ll be hearing will be opportunities.

If you have Paradigm Paralysis, what you''ll be hearing will sound like threats.

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