Dr. Jack Bermingham
Vice President for Academic Affairs
PO BOX 98000 MS 9-3
2400 South 240th Street
Des Moines, WA 98198-9800

August 21, 1996

Dear Dr. Bermingham:

Thank you for your letter on a complaint I made about Sheri Richter.

I did not read anything about what disciplinary actions where taken about Ms. Richter yelling at me, or is there going to be any action taken?

The yelling I received from Ms. Richter is a violation of my student rights, according to your by-laws in a pamphlet I got from one of your colleagues "Student Rights and Responsibilities Code WAC 1321-120." The rule I found to violate my right is WAC 1321-120-105 Student rights; "(d) Students have the right to a learning environment which is free from unlawful discrimination, inappropriate and disrespectful conduct, and sexual harassment"(6).

By the way, I was willing to apologize to Ms. Richter for something that I said wrong about her. Why didn't she offer to apologize to me in the first place? I think if she did, we all would of had a good summer together.

I failed my class on Research and Persuasive Writing. I got a 1.2 GPA. That is about a D+. I am not happy with this grade. I put part of the blame on a problem that was not resolved properly.


Mark A. Errington

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